How To Dress…What To Wear…Steampunk Clothing

Sometime about 5 years ago (to my knowledge) steampunk fashion came out of the woodwork, perhaps the most classical sub-cultural attire we have seen in the past hundred years. Even moreso than gothic romantic which pretty much just never really went away in the first place due to the strong gothic influences of Europe, steampunk fashion emerged into the alternative fashion scene trumping the Victorian styles by giving way to a tougher, more militant look, but softened with lighter shades of beige, copper and brown (like this  lolita steampunk dress) to soften the stark black Victorian gothic looks of the past.  Steampunk clothing has become not only a fun costumey excuse to wear classy old-fashioned clothes, but a very valid excuse to spiff up any outfit without having to dress head to toe in the same genre. Like this strappy buckled corset for a mere 25 Euros (!?!?!) could easily be worn with non-steampunk skirts or trousers for a concert or a night out at a club to stand out from the ordinary goers. This website Crazy In Love based in France has a gorgeous selection of steampunk clothing with *crazy* pricing, such as  To avoid re-using your lost French reading skills, you can click on the RED Europe button at the top for the English translated page.  This waist cincher-skirt number with gads of hardware and corset lacing in the back is a fancier one for, oh, only 35 Euros. Even if you are in Canada or the US it seems like this Crazy In Love website is totally worth it.
Check out this steampunk skirt with its belt included, but can detach, complete with cutesy frilled bustle on the back. Please. How many uses can you think of to wear these two pieces, together or separately, with any other item on this page, the skirt with the plainest tank top you ever saw, the belt with jeans or leggings, the ensemble with a lacey or meshy top. This steampunk skirt works in the summer for hanging out in a park, or going to a masquerade. It works for going to a restaurant, it works for going to a club. You could get away with wearing it to a wedding. Or you could add fishnet stockings, big black boots, arm warmers and any black top in the entire universe and wear it to a metal show. Come on. The possibilities are practically endless.
They also have a lot of black classical gothic clothing to mishmash with the steampunk clothing, like this longer vampier one, if you like to mix Victorian goth with steam. Also check out the “HOMME” tab on the left for men’s fashions. Man or woman, Crazy In Love is a cleverly appropriate name for your newest most loved finds at crazy low prices.
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