The Ironic Plan: My Original Prologue For My Half-Written Book, Which I Cannot help But Aspire To Intend to Complete Through This Website

stickmeupThe Ironic Plan                                                           Written 2006, revised 2013


Unwavering Logic By Individual Circumstance


A book written about how difficult it is to write a book.


Specifically, this is about how hard it was to find people willing to listen to and in turn respond to that which interested me: human relationships and their places and opinions in them. I was unable to collect insight on whether I was just a crazy narcissist or if there really was value to my ideas and solutions, because people seemed either incapable or unwilling to banter with me.


So this is a series of three years worth of notes, letters, emails, ideas and solutions about my rare relationships and rare attempts at relationships, written in the present tense that they took place. I stumbled upon a decent amount of insight also in non-romantic situations, with people who were willing to discuss theories and logic in resolving problems, including the precise problem of mine; the irony of very rarely being able to form the gratuitous relationships which I am newly seeking.


Part of the irony is placed in the fact that the very notion of paying very little attention to what I was talking about or straight up ignoring me was totally adhered to about 90% of the time, whether I told the people or not of what I was doing. What I mean is, the fact that I was gathering input and opinions about behavioral patterns on the subject of relationships probably actually hindered my chances at finding the answers by intimidating people with the very fact that I was doing it. In other circumstances, I found that people were intimidated by me anyway so I stopped worrying about whether I told them or not. The “Weeding Process” ensued, a metaphorical psychological process of sifting people, to find the ones I could identify with who could identify with me. What I learned was that some people who passed the sifting process weren’t necessarily insightful on my subject of study, but their good nature which was the very characteristic I’d been looking for, has kept me sane through thick and thin, which was the original purpose: to find equally honorable honest people.


I am an obviously quite vain in the most charming way possible, an existentialist and eccentric. I do expect people to tell me their opinions and also disagree with me, as the entire point of all this is to figure out if there really is validity to my claims of a higher understanding of human behavior and social ethics. I encourage people of all backgrounds to write me any input they have, and if there is enough interest, to publish a part 2 book, a revised complete edition with selected input from readers on my ideas and opinions as they are brought up throughout the book. For instance, if someone knows that one of my theories is completely true or false, I would like to know about it. I’m not the type of person who has patience for research, as I’ve never studied any subject to great length other than my own obvious self, and certainly have never attended university. I do much better making my own conclusions from what I observe and what I already know, and given that psychology is not an exact science, I find my theories more interesting and realistic, and can stand behind them with great fervor and conviction, because they are, in fact my own.


So, the purpose of writing this is really to give me insight on my own ideas and thoughts, and prove me wrong or right so I can rethink my theories and alter my strict but circumstantial code of ethics accordingly.


That being said, I believe my opinion to be the wisest, most circumstantially fair, ever expanding, ever changing, ever improving, ethically sound logic. The source of this entire study is my inability to understand how most people don’t live by logic and honesty, but rather by association and shortcuts. I have no formal training of any kind, other than over a decade in the service, retail and fashion industries dealing with people from every walk of life in 9 different cities, at over 40 different jobs including my very own clothing store, a partner in a café, and murmurings of an unconventional modeling agency in the coming months. Other than that social experience, I have only the great humble wisdom that my parents have bestowed upon me my whole life: that common sense isn’t common to everyone, and treating people with respect is essential for a happy life, but sticking up for yourself and what you believe in is even more essential.


My theories make no claim to complete originality, but are guidelines with which I live. My code of ethics is the direct criteria I live by with all logic and reason in mind. The theories can be ever-changing, whereas the code of ethics basically remains the same. Not unlike a religion, certain aspects can be embellished or tweaked when insight on a particular subject is augmented, but the basic rules will always apply.