The Drone Theory

“The Drone Theory” applies to the dating scene as well in more specific categories. I have ALL KINDS of theories about that, such as “The Intimidation Theory” and “The Being Old In A University Town Theory”. It has been no picnic trying to find equals here. The essence of both theories are that guys would rather be around a girl who makes them feel stronger and smarter, therefore don’t want to hang out with someone with a vivid personality who is actually intelligent and opinionated who might prove them wrong about something or injure their hypersensitive egos. The intimidation theory adds the notion of boys acting like idiots because they are nervous and then resenting me for seeing their mistakes.

Intimidation: also to throw into the mix and to hopefully jar some attention and provoke responses, is the theory that guys generally do not want a girl around anymore as soon as they figure out that she might be as smart or even smarter than them. This adheres to the confidence issue relating directly to the intimidation from the beginning. Allustra and I have talked about it and it seems pretty reasonable that males want to be the dominant ones and they usually prefer a girl who is submissive and who makes them feel good about themselves instead of one who likes feeling equal or greater and who keeps them on their toes. So what happens to the smart girls with strong personalities who want to have equality at the least and a form of domination at its best? I guess they end up dating eachother.