More Speculations Regarding Wavelengths and Abilities To Get Along With Humans

berlinI like the notion of slowly exposing my thoughts from several years before I became who i am now, the successful businesswoman. These ideas of mine are occasionally altered as time goes on but remain pretty much the same, probably with a new splash of lower standards due to so much failure. Haha

Written July 6, 2007, revised 2013

The wavelength theory is designed around the notion that there are other people around who match a certain suitability to me, intellectually and emotionally, as well as physically to some extent.

Romantic endeavors are where the physical suitability is most important, but also in most discoveries of people on the wavelength physical attraction has been present.

It seems reasonable to assume that less attractive people generally have a more difficult time getting along with more attractive people.

My speculation on this subject is proven by what I find as being the majority of people I befriend, being more attractive than not. I think this is due to a security in oneself and egotistical tendencies being matched.

It seems fair to assume that most “less attractive” people would potentially have issues with more attractive people for their lack of confidence. The expressions “stealing someone’s thunder” and “being outshined” have been used to describe the reasons why I believe myself to be a difficult candidate for friendship.

Numerous attempts at befriending girls have resulted mainly in failure for what I blame on insecurity. I am not competitive by nature, so the accusations of stealing thunder or outshining or whatever other weather-fueled clichés are false. It is them, not me.

It definitely seems reasonable from a male’s perspective as well where I’m concerned. It has been generalized in the past that a lot of men don’t bother with women they feel are out of their league, whereas men with exceptional self-confidence go for the gold.

So I suppose in essence it still boils down to the psychological emotional and intellectual suitability, and it is simply hit or miss that the physical attraction is paralleled.

Or, perhaps it is more accurate with women than men, but the phoniness which is more rampant in women in general makes it harder to decipher.

Or, more likely than any of this, is the notion that the wavelength theory proves less true than what I thought at the beginning of this rant, and that there are even fewer people who can get along with me than I thought.


Written July 7th 2007, revised 2013

I’ve re-iterated the wavelength theory because although it seems like a nice idea for me, I’m not sure that in my narcissistic world that I’m actually capable of meeting anyone on the same wave as me.

I have suspicions that with time it’s possible I’ll adapt to people or they might be able to adapt to me, but for right now I’m probably too immature while simultaneously set in my own ways.