Q&A: I Had A Date With Someone I Really Like But When He Called Me For A Second Date I Was Busy so I Think He Is Angry Now, What Should I Do?

Dear Juliette,

I’m stuck with dating things. Last time I had a date with someone that I really like, he called me after our date and he asked me for a second date but I was busy so I think he was angry for that. So I called him back to fix another date but he didn’t come… he told me that he has some problems with his job. We still in contact on fb and by phone sometime… I really like him what should I do please

My Dear Reader,

It is definitely a good sign that you still talk on fb, but much moreso on the phone! My own habit if I am no longer interested in someone is to cut off contact completely, so I think there is a very good chance that he is still interested in you.

I wouldn’t bank on him being angry when you had to decline his invitation for a  second date, maybe he was just discouraged or not sure if you were trying to let him down easy. However, I have often dealt with people declining or breaking plans with me in the past who, if they don’t immediately in the same conversation offer to reschedule the plans, I assume they aren’t interested. It is very important when dating that if you are asked out but cannot make it on the particular day that the person is asking you for, to suggest a different day in the same conversation. Some people, such as me, do not ask twice. It is logical that if you want to go but can’t on the day asked, that you will ask for a different day. And then a guy you like will not be scared off by thinking you declined because you didn’t WANT to go.

I would take what he said about having problems at work seriously. Maybe it takes up more of his free time than he wants or he is frustrated over things at work that he is not sure he wants to talk about, or is not sure you want to hear about. I think that a good way to show him that you care about him is to tell him that if he wants to talk about it you are here, and you would like to see him whenever he has time. That should be obvious enough to show him that you really like him and erase any doubts he has about your interest in going out with him again.

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