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circusIt is the 6th anniversary of my (successful, amazing, unique, independent, eclectic, diverse) fashion-related entrepreneurship, so it seemed only fair that I not only bestow my wisdom of dating, image consulting and overall social etiquette upon all of you lovely readers, but also expel my natural fashion consciousness to all of you….an alternative fashion blog to help you work marvelous punk fashion, gothic fashion, steampunk fashion, military fashion, rockabilly fashion, retro fashion, etc into your regular wardrobe. Be it for how to dress every day to stand out, what to wear on a night out, what to wear to a concert, what to wear to a club, what to wear on a date, what have you, with my personal recommendations of reputable online clothiers.

To begin with, I suggest who have not only a variety of industrial/gothic/punk/rock/metal influenced clothing for sale for men and women, but also chatrooms and message boards for dark-minded kindred spirits! This site happens to be directed at the sub-cultural enthusiasts which I try not to pigeonhole myself as, but a lot of people will like for that very reason. I am a woman of MANY styles, with a knack for putting together non-specific looks, which I intend to teach you how to pull off, but these dresses in particular have a horror theme which for some reason I approve of, even though I detest horror movies. Psychobilly clothing is strangely appropriate for a woman to wear on a date, a cross between cutesy 50s-themed rockabilly fashion in conjunction with horror-themes. It is sweet and sugary but also harsh and mean.
product_get_pic.phpI love this circusy one (above) which is both gross and adorable in equal doses with blood spatter, yes blood spatter on it. Also this bizarro insect print dress with the rad bolero-looking cut around the shoulders rocks my world, as much as I’d rather be in a room full of bears than insects. The frills and bows and corset lacing in the back add to the lolita look of it, without making you look wimpy. These styles are also a cool idea to wear to a concert, as I am a believer in not necessarily matching the style you wear to a concert with the music you are going to hear. However, if you hear of any psychobilly shows in your town, I suggest checking them out, the style of music is upbeat and fun and creepy and would make a nifty date.
I also recommend the rock, punk, gothic, steampunk, Victorian, military, industrial, retro and even Western garb that they sell at for Canadian and US customers, they pick up the cost of shipping on any orders over $50 and have these tiny cute frilly petticoats in RED or WHITE (also available in baby pink) which will make your shorter dresses or skirts puff out more if you want to look more hour glassy, or if it is a bit colder out to give yourself an extra layer, and which you can pull up or down on your hips to show more or less frill coming out the bottom of the dress. This also works for making your skirt/dress longer if you are concerned about the length. The puny satin bows along the frills at the bottom of the petticoats are something so cute, you will want to punch yourself in the face.
Keep coming back as we develop this blog to help style men and women with unique music-influenced clothing tastes, and point out cool websites where you can purchase such wonders. For now check out the duds at Vampire Freaks we think you will like!

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