How To Dress…What to Wear….Squeem Waist Cincher and Body Shapers…and Lovely Beautiful Corsets!

PerfectWaist_Image1_895x400._V366232731_A gift from the undergarment gods for women like me who have no real inclination to exercise unless it is…dancing around on roller skates to oldies music…taa daaaaa!!!!! Squeem Waist cinchers and body shapers!

These are latex waist cinchers that come in black or nude, and not only do they make you look like an hourglassy bombshell, they actually  HELP your posture. I mean….really? Read the descriptions on Hourglass Angel’s site to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

imagesHow many time have you worn a corset or an underbust and felt like (although it might have felt like you were locked in a prison within your own ribcage) that it corrected the sloppy posture you’ve become accustomed to? Well, these are actually built to correct poor posture while sucking in your jiggly bits, and what is even ultimately more crazy, is that if you wear one of these marvelous waist cinchers for 8 -10 hours a day for  month or so, they have actually been proven to slim down your waist by 1 -4 inches. Technology is a wonder.

-1There are a lot of brands to choose from on but use the search box on their site to find Squeem Waist cinchers and body shapers which are, in my opinion, the best quality for your money, at less than $60 each. Search on the left tabs for what you want…there are several different styles of waist cinchers and other body shapers depending on which bits you want to even out, in sizes ranging from extra small to 5xl. So have no fear plus sized ladies, plus sized waist cinchers abound!

black-cashmere-underbust-corset-w-03-best-seller-timeless-trends-frontAlso on my beloved Hourglass Angel, in the left tabs you can find some high quality corsets for boudoir or for something to wear on a night out. For some reason modern people associate corsets with Halloween, and that offends me greatly since everyone knows that women look smashing in corsets, and we should wear them as often as we want. Especially now that it appears that they are actually improving our posture! Here is one I really like, a steel boned, front busk closure underbust corset from Hourglass Angel and if you happen to be in the US, I do believe orders over $75 get free shipping so you might as well buy a few things to add to your pin-up collection. Yes pin up. Read Here for my opinion of what is absolutely NOT pin up fashion. Corsets are Pin up Clothing, because someone would definitely want to pin you up on the wall to admire you in one of these numbers.

product_get_pic.phpLike this hot PVC one, from Vampire Freaks all you need is a whip and some gartered fishnets and you could be pinned alongside Bettie Page!

Steel boned corsets might be higher priced, but I recommend those. Check that it specifically says steel boning when buying corsets, and if it has steel front busk closure, even better. The lower priced ones may or may not turn out looking how you want them to, may or may not last as long as you would like them to, so it is best to splurge on a steel boned corset if you want to ensure it will last, and leaving a lasting impression.

corset-with-velvetHOWEVER, if you are looking for some rad, dramatic, super sexy, good quality steel boned corsets that are priced so low, you will want to order ten, Crazy In Love is where you want to shop. There is a good variety of over and underbusts, those of you who do’;t speak French will want to click on the bright red “Europa” button at the top of their site to get the English version of the site. “Tige Metallique” means metal boning. They ship worldwide and their prices are astonishing…I mean…really astonishing…I have been in alternative fashion wholesale for over 4 years and even I am impressed with their prices.

red-underbust-corsetFor those of you who are only brave enough to wear these beautiful form fitting corsets on Halloween, you can certainly make up some costume ideas for these gorgeous corsets and my personal hope is, for each and every one of you, that you manage to wear your corsets multiple times a year, not just for costuming, and class up every place that you go, while attracting attention and showering in compliments for your amazing sense of style and your boldness in rocking it.

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