About Juliette

I am the charming, creative, witty, crass, fun, self-sufficient, dark styled independent woman of your dreams. I’m an intelligent businesswoman with 6.5 years in the fashion industry under my metaphorical belt, but I’m also a hilarious goofball with a penchant for writing honest, cynical critiques.

This has resulted in years of Trial and Error attempts at dating and friendships that you are now so lucky to read, along with my dating advice (aimed mostly at men but which ladies will also find interesting) to scrutinize the modern world’s accepted methods of behaving and dressing in public.

Soon you will have the chance to read my Image Consulting Advice to give you tips on how to better yourself with social etiquette, communication, health and beauty products. Self-improvement begets self-confidence which results in your own happiness. Here is how to score OR portray a genuine, classy and interesting bombshell like me, and some funny anecdotes about how clueless the people I come across are. I want to influence people for the better with my logical and straightforward opinion. Ask me for blunt, rational, tactical advice to your real problems, I will answer.

Coming soon…a remarkable historical resume of your favorite advice-giving heroine.

But for now… you can read A Nutshell Dating History



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