A Sexual Tornado Passes You By…Because You Are Too Stupid To Jump Into It.

A Sexual Tornado Passes You By…Because You Are Too Stupid To Jump Into It.

Imagine a passionate sexual tornado that is about to pass you by when all you have to do is subtly extend one of your extremities to get swept up into it.

Modern men don’t seem to have the ability to understand that just because a woman shows interest in them, it doesn’t mean they have achieved success in winning them.

How can it be so hard to comprehend that if there is no consistent additive to the sexual attraction, that the attraction fades away and dies?

How can it be so incredible that conversation and mutual interest is what drives a modern confident prize of a woman’s sexual attraction to a man?

It isn’t elusiveness and lack of interaction that jazzes us up and makes us want to jump your bones. That is a quality of insecure competitive women with low self-esteem who want to prove themselves for whatever reason, and let’s think logically, men, is that the kind of woman you want? I doubt it. That is the type of woman who clings on without seeing the signs of disinterest, and she isn’t going to be your dream woman, so I suggest realizing wholeheartedly that it would be better to treat a woman that you want, as a woman that you want.

The whole men “playing hard to get” notion of the 90s is a myth. The movie “Swingers” comes to mind, and the lesson at the end of the movie, is NOT to wait. Whether it is the first contact a woman makes with you, or contact as you go along, if you don’t reply within a day or two, you can definitely expect that even the most loyal, most interested women will already have started thinking about going out with other guys, if they have not actually done so already.

Did you guess that a story is about to unfold about me being a tornado, and a stupid guy not getting it? You are right but it’s a story for another day. Anticipate the rise and fall of Goodhair in Trials and Errors, coming soon.

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