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Hot. Even for a man who ISN’T wearing tight pants the way I like em.

Mens bondage pants...with chains, that zip off into shorts

Mens bondage pants…with chains, that zip off into shorts

A 6 year veteran alternative fashionista gives advice to men in the rock/metal/punk/goth/industrial sub-cultures on what kinds of trousers to wear to feign the impression that they are trying to attract women. Or, are at least trying to look fashionably decent in a slightly less promiscuous way than rockstars themselves.

It has been apparent to me since I began selling alternative clothing 4 years ago that there is a certain stigma in North America concerning Industrial, Punk and Gothic clothing….that the styles of industrial, punk and gothic fashion are not used nearly as much by people who are into Metal. Band t-shirts are nifty, (in fact, I like to even mix dorky video game and nostalgic movie t-shirts with whatever I’m wearing on my lower half, but more on that later) but it seems North American metalheads do not have the same passion for the fashion that represents their music taste as those same types of people in Europe or Asia. For example these amazing, what looks like armored (like a motorcycle jacket) trousers from www.crazyinlove.fr above. Sexy! Men, you might have to hunt for the word “hommes” on their site which means, of course, “men” in French. But those Frenchmen DEFINITELY understand the importance of form fitting trousers.

Even these really almost plain black jeans with the minimal detail of two diagonal zippers is a noteworthy pair to wear with you worst, most washing-machine-beaten Slayer t-shirt. Maybe it is the hindering that men have in North America for being fashionable in the first place, but I stand firm in the notion that there are cool punk, gothic and industrial styles to mash into the metal enthusiasts wardrobe.

Here are some examples of ways to get rid of the jeans your mom bought you 9 years ago at K-Mart and maintain your metal or industrial or gothic persona. Such as, the baggier bondage pants that some men, (for reasons I can’t understand) seem to really like. Another site that I love, www.katesclothing.co.uk has a variety of baggier styles for you guys who don’t like for us ladies to see your form.
FANTK145-1OR, if you like to please us, these are beautiful, and bold, and will make the right people want to grope you.
Whether you are into a tighter fit or a looser fit, there are multiple options to make yourself look more rock-and-roll and less crawled-out-of-the-dumpster, so…don’t be scared…come on….try. Don’t worry about your fellow redneck friends calling you names, chicks dig it. And it is them whose opinions of you which you should care more about.
mens bondage pants...the subtle kind

mens bondage pants…the subtle kind

Just because the type of clothing or shop is labeled “gothic” or “industrial”  or “punk” it doesn’t make it any less appropriate to your enthusiasm for metal music. They are part of the same stigmatic family, so don’t be an anti-fashion snob, dare to delve into the sub-culture you are so proud of being part of, that which goes against the grain. If you are not as daring as the last sexy pair, these rad trousers look like nearly totally normal plain black jeans, but have a zipper along the waist you can upzip if you care to slut it up and show us your underwear, a diagonal fly to shock and awe us females with your exuberant style, and click on the photo to see the studded straps that snap onto the butt to make them more or less badass depending on your mood.

laces I also personally love this pair from vampirefreaks.com with the lacing above the knees and the faux leather around the waist. IF ONLY men wore these kinds of things where I currently live, oh how little I would have to complain about, regarding the overall bad style of the men around here. I’ll avoid naming the actual location I’m currently dwelling in to save teh locals’ feelings, but clearly it is not in my beautiful, stylish, beautiful, beautiful Europe.

kiltyAnd if you can possibly dare to jump all the way into the deep end, I would say that probably the boldest most metal move you make is rocking the utility kilt, showing your inability to conform to the social graces that rock and roll, the very root of metal music, is all about. This particular kilt has the studs, zippers, D-rings and straps appropriate for any type of rocker legitimizing his desire to headbang (or otherwise rock out) without the annoying heated quality of….pants. Click on any of these photos to peruse the stashes of manly metal trousers and kilts available from each website, be it www.katesclothing.co.uk or www.vampirefreaks.com or www.hungoverempire.com to see the diversity that you could don instead of your old unremarkable unsexy unflattering jeans that only your mom still thinks are cool.

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