A Hot Ticket Exposes What Extinguishes Her Desires

evenwithbrownrollerskates-doubleWhere does a girl like me find dates? All over the place. Also, almost never. A myth exists that women who look like me only date guys who dress like us. It’s false. One day I might look like a vampire, the next day I might look like a farm girl, the day after that I’ll look like your favorite secretary. I have made my profession in unconventional fashion and ooze multiple styles through my every word and through my every pore. Stop judging the book by its cover and consider that by the time a woman is in her thirties she is less stereotypical about which type she likes, and focuses more on the specific behavioral elements that there is no way you could ever know we will love or hate until you exude them. I don’t have a type. I am complex. This is an example of what not to do and say to a woman who is more confident than you, has better style than you, owns a business in the fashion industry, and who is more independent and happy on her own than she would probably ever be with any guy. Here is how to get the perfect woman to like you. Or, ask me a question:


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